Drug License

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Uttar Pradesh Drug License

Drug license is a legal permit issued by the Government for businesses that deal with drugs and cosmetics. The Food Safety and Drug Administration Department under the Government of Uttar Pradesh grants drug license to prevent the manufacture and sale of sub-standard, fake medicines and to implement the provisions of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940. In this article, we look at the procedure and various other aspects to obtain Uttar Pradesh Drug License for sales and manufacture in detail.

License Conditions

  • A registered pharmacist should directly and personally supervise any drug made by the licensee.
  • The licensee should have minimum four years of practical experience in the distribution of drugs.
  • The retail supply of any drug prescribed by the registered medical practitioner should be under the inspection of a registered pharmacist.
  • The retail supply of the drug should be recorded in a register at the time of supply.
  • The drugs mentioned in Schedule H or Schedule X are valid for a period of two years and should be supplied to registered Medical Practitioners, hospitals, dispensaries and nursing homes only on the signed order in writing.
  • The licensee should maintain the purchase record of the drugs intended for sale or sold by retail.
  • The licensee should not sell or stock any drug after the expiry date.
  • The licensee should not store or stock any drugs on his premises that are intended for distribution as a free sample to the medical profession.
  • The medicine in a retail shop for the treatment of animals should be labelled as “Not for human use _ for treatment of animals only.”

Uttar Pradesh Drug License for Sales

The drug sale license is applicable for both retail as well as the wholesale purpose for the distribution of the drug in India. The license for drug sale is issued based on the conditions subjected to the competent person dealing with drugs and the premises (area of pharmacy shop and storage facility).

Types of Drugs Sales License

Type of Sales License

For grant of license on Form No.

Application to be submitted on Form no.

For Wholesale license

Form 20B
Form 21B

Form 19

For Retail License

Form 20
Form 21

Form 19

For Restricted License

Form 20A
Form 21A

Form 19A

For Drugs specified in Schedule-X(Wholesale)

Form 20G

Form 19C

For Drugs specified in Schedule-X(Retail)

Form 20F

Form 19C

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