ISI Registration

The ISI mark is a certification mark for Indian industrial products. The mark establishes that the product has fulfils all the requirements of the Indian Standard created by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the national standard body of India. The ISI mark is the most recognized certification mark in India. The mark ensures quality, safety and reliability. ISI stands for Indian Standards Institute, the erstwhile name of BIS. The mark accompanies a seven-digit licence number required by BIS. The ISI mark is compulsory for certifying items such as electrical appliances, LPG valves, LPG cylinders, Portland cement, and automotive tyres sold in India.

Procedure for Application

The applicant has the option to choose one of the two following procedures for grant of license under the product certification scheme of BIS:

Normal procedure:

  • the applicant is required to submit the application along with required documents and requisite fee to the nearest BIS branch office.
  • After the recording of the application, a preliminary factory evaluation is carried out by BIS officer to ascertain the capability of the applicant/manufacturer to produce goods according to the relevant Indian Standard. The availability of complete testing facility and competent technical personnel will also be verified.
  • Samples are tested in the factory and also drawn for independent testing. The grant of licence is considered by BIS, provided the samples pass during independent testing, preliminary evaluation is satisfactory and the applicant agrees to operate the defined Scheme of Testing & Inspection and pay the prescribed marking fee.
  • By this procedure the license is expected to be granted within 4 months of recording of application by BIS and 6 months in case of all India first License for a product.

Simplified procedure:

  • The applicant is required to furnish the test reports of the samples tested by him in BIS-approved laboratories.
  • If the test reports and other documents are found satisfactory, a verification visit is carried out by BIS.
  • The licence is granted thereafter if the verification report is found satisfactory.
  • By this procedure, the licence is expected to be granted within 30 days of recording of application by BIS, provided all required documents are furnished and found satisfactory.

Documents requi red

  • Self-evaluation-cum-verification report.
  • A copy of the test reports from independent BIS-recognized laboratory indicating conformance of the product to relevant Indian Standards.
  • Document authenticating establishment of the organization, such as registration by company registrar or partnership deed in case the applicant firm is a partnership.
  • Certificate from concerned regulatory agencies such as Central Insecticide Board (CIB), Chief Controller of Explosive (CCE) and Drug Controller as applicable. 5. SSI certificate if the firm is a small-scale unit. 6. Undertaking and Indemnity Bond on non-judicial stamp paper of the value of Rs. 100 along with the application with a request for blocking license number.


Copy of Test Report done within a month by internal laboratory

(Indicating conformance of the product to relevant Indian Standard)

Address Proof of the Manufacturing Unit

(Factory License / Tax Registration copy mentioning the scope as manufacturer)

Trade Mark Registration

(TM Registration copy)

Certificate from concerned regulatory agencies for manufacturing

(If there is any)

Drawing of the product

(As applicable)

Present Installed Capacity


Raw Material Details

(Name of component used – name of supplier – quality certification of component)

Details of Machines

(Name of machine – make – capacity – number/quantity)

Layout plan of factory

(Floor & technical)

Details of Manufacturing Process

(Process flow chart along with outsourcing details, if any)

Nature of packing

(Size/quantity of packaging, storage facility)

Details of Test Equipment’s

(Name of equipment – Size – Quantity – Calibration Status & Date)

Payment Option -: Imps/neft/rtgs/cash

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